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Improve your writing skills with AI! Learn how to craft better stories, create compelling content, and create an engaging narrative using our powerful artificial intelligence technology.



Words. You see them everywhere, and you literally cannot avoid them. With that said, why is reading so much easier than writing? Of course, this isn’t the case for everyone, but it’s pretty safe to say that many of us aren’t poets. Do not fret, however, for artificial intelligence may just be the thing you need!

Artificial what now?

Jokes aside, artificial intelligence (AI) are programs that can churn out texts based on what data is fed to them. For example, say you give an AI several sources of information or even your own work. The AI will then gather and analyze all the relevant information (common themes, patterns, etc.) before converting everything into a legible piece of work.

Naturally, the better the AI, the better the end product’s quality, but in general, AIs will more often than not improve your article’s readability. If you use the AI to create a document from scratch, then it will also save you a good deal of time!

But I want to get better at writing!

So you wish to get better at writing in general? No problem! AIs can help with that too! In fact, you’ve probably already been using AIs for writing this entire time without noticing.


General error correction

That’s right, autocorrect is an AI too. After all, it’s a program that’s actively looking out for grammatical and spelling mistakes, is it not? Regardless, autocorrect is just the tip of the iceberg as the more advanced AIs are capable of highlighting mistakes and even telling you what’s wrong and how you can improve on them. A good example of this is the paid version of Grammarly. With the constant feedback provided by AI, it’ll only be a matter of time before you start learning from your mistakes and improving.

Writing styles

Though less commonly used, AIs can be taught how to identify different writing tones (e.g., formal, serious, etc). With that in mind, you could write something and input it into your AI while also specifying what writing style you’re trying to achieve. If your AI was previously given enough examples to reference from, then it will surely be able to tell you what to change and how to improve on them.

Redundancy removal

Let’s face it, even if you don’t write much, there can be times when you just can’t stop writing. AIs come in handy here since they will identify what does not need to be there and tell you to remove it. More doesn’t always mean that it’s better, so just heed the AI’s advice and give your readers a better reading experience. After repeating the process a few times, you will hopefully begin automatically implementing this process yourself.


Whether you’re using AI to generate texts from scratch or to help you improve your writing skills, it is undeniable that AI is a great tool to help you get things done. Just be sure to properly learn the basics of AI first before you start with anything. Otherwise, it may just end up becoming a half-assed effort. Godspeed with your writing endeavors!


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